Who is Allie Rokas?

16174783_10158059394865564_6516818467091010677_nAllie Rokas graduated from the University of North Texas in the December of 2016 where she received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism. While attending the Mayborn School of Journalism, she interned with Mean Green Sports where she hosted her own segment called the Mean Green Minute, which recapped UNT’s spring sports. After spring sports came to a close, she contributed for Mean Green Sports by doing her own videos and content for the website and social. Also, she worked for the Mayborn School of Journalism’s TV station, NT Daily TV, getting experience in all facets of the news room: producing, reporting, teleprompting/audio, and anchoring. While working at the NT Daily TV, she had her own radio show with NTDailyRadio.com, Skirts on Sports, with fellow journalist and classmate Bri Pleasant.

Oh, and Allie played sports, too. Basketball, volleyball, track, softball, and soccer to be exact. On a collegiate level, she played college volleyball for Dallas Baptist University and Oklahoma Baptist University. A year later, she was recommended to stop playing collegiate ku after a career-ending back injury, and now just refers to herself as retired. After allowing herself some time to heal, she still plays volleyball competitively with friends indoor and in the sand. She occasionally plays 1 v. 1 pick up basketball. She’s got a pretty good shot.

Now that Allie has graduated, she’s looking to build her personal brand. Sports have always been her jam, and she’s hoping to mix her love of creating video and social media to build her name in the world of sports. She hopes that maybe she’ll get lucky and Dirk Nowitzki will follow her back one day.

Wanna reach me?



@allierokas on twitter, instagram, and pretty much everything else


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